Using good manufacturing practices, our gloves undergo 1000ml water tight testing in strict compliance with ASTM D3578 (01) Standards.

VRG Khải Hoàn VGlove products ensure superior quality and reliability.

Continuous research and development (R&D) efforts to further improve the quality of our gloves are carried out by lab technicians.

Our scope of items is Powder Latex Assessment gloves, Nitrile gloves and Powder Free Latex Assessment gloves of VGlove brand. We likewise offer the gloves in one or the other Smooth or Finished to suit the distinctive market necessity which goes from the Clinical to Food Taking care of Businesses. We’ve additionally planned to extend our scope of items to meet the various necessities of our clients which will comprise of Latex Assessment Powder Free Gloves (Polymer Covered) and Engineered is nitrile gloves.

Khai Hoan has been updating our quality administration framework, benefits, and differentiating items. We have applied and are keeping a quality administration framework ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and sanitation quality administration framework ISO 22000:2005 for our items. Simultaneously, we are regarded to get the FDA 510K Testament, Declaration from Service of wellbeing in Viet Nam and congruity Authentication from quatest 3 in Viet Nam. Accordingly, clients totally guaranteed about our items. Khai Hoan anticipating be better off the interest of homegrown gloves and become one of the main gloves producers in the locale and the world.