Step 1: Customers send a set of purchase documents including Letter of Interest (LOI), Proof of Finance (POF) / Order MT799, Clear copy of Business license registration, and Clear copy of Passport of the representative (or Identity card).

  • Note: In the LOI, it is necessary to clearly state the order requirements, including the quantity of the order ordered, the desired delivery time, and the requirements for the specifications and certificates of the product. If the purchasing unit is not the source owner, a Letter of Attorney (LOA) is required by the source owner.

Step 2: The distributor’s customer service department will send product information with a quote corresponding to the requested quantity and other information mentioned in the Letter of Interest (LOI). At the same time, the customer’s purchase record will be sent to the factory’s moderation department.

Step 3: After the factory censorship department verifies the accuracy of the purchase record and accepts the purchase request, the distributor will send the FCO customer to agree on the procedures, terms, and conditions. sue the buyer.

Step 4: The buyer reconfirms the seller’s FCO by email.

Step 5: The seller sends the draft contract (draft SPA) for the buyer to refer to, exchange, edit, and come to an agreement.

Step 6: After reaching the final agreement on the terms and conditions, the two parties will sign the final SPA.

Step 7: The bank of the buyer issues the draft of LC for the two sides to discuss and agree on the details of the letter of credit.

Step 8: The buyer and the seller carry out the financial procedures as agreed in the contract. The buyer opens an irrevocable letter of credit with 100% order value (Irrevocable LC) at the buyer’s bank and issues an MT760 order.

Step 9: After the financial procedures are done from 7-10 working days, the factory will notify the specific delivery schedule so that the buyer can arrange SGS inspection and arrange the shipping method.

Step 10: Based on the loading progress, the buyer’s bank disburses the payment amount corresponding to the number of goods delivered in installments.