Truck carrying medical supplies, used medical gloves was seized in Ho Chi Minh City

Nearly 300,000 medical supplies products of unknown origin have just been seized by Ho Chi Minh City’s Police while being delivered.

According to information from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, on August 19, the Market Management Team (QLTT) No. 2 of the HCM City Information Management Department coordinated with the police of Binh Hung Hoa B Ward, Binh Tan District to discover that the vehicle was parked at No. 428/32 National Highway 1A, Binh Hung Hoa B Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City has many suspicious signs. Conducted inspection of transport means with control plate 29H-373.87 driven by Mr. H V Toan.

At the time of inspection, Mr. Toan claimed that he was a hired worker to deliver the shipment from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City and the owner let Mr. Toan carry all kinds of goods for different objects through intermediaries, so he did not know his face. Working with police, Mr. Toan contacted the unit to find the owner of the shipments to receive and take responsibility for the legality of the goods.

Mr. NQ Phuoc admitted to being the owner of 53 packages with a total of 2,767 units of products including oxygen generators and oxygen pressure gauges made in China, with original labels in foreign languages, no labels. subtitles in Vietnamese, no documents related to goods quality.

Mr. Phuoc said that he bought from many sources floating on the domestic market in the Northern provinces with the purpose of making a profit for customers in need, so all the above goods do not have a certificate of receipt. legal word.

The next shipment belongs to Mr. P T Nghia, the owner of 165 packages, including 148 thousand products that are protective gear, unbranded and rubber gloves of unknown origin. The number of gloves is contained in nylon packages, without any information showing the name, address of the manufacturer / responsible for the goods. In particular, these gloves have signs of being used. Collected from many sources floating on the market in the Northern provinces, all goods are made in China, without legal invoices and documents as prescribed.

The Ho Chi Minh City’s Police checked the place where the offending vehicle stopped to wait for unloading, which was the headquarters of Katoji Pharma Co., Ltd., represented by Mr. T V Bien as the legal director. At the time of inspection, this company did list prices, but discovered that non-woven masks with Chanel’s logo were worth 12 million VND. The above goods are made in China, do not have Vietnamese labels, do not have any legal invoices and documents proving the origin of goods and there are signs of counterfeiting of trademarks protected in Vietnam.

Working with Ho Chi Minh City’s Police, representative of Katoji Pharma company has been acknowledged that all masks with the Chanel brand logo are Chinese-made products, purchased by the company floating on the domestic market from many sources and Many different batches have not been sold.

Currently, the Police have made a record and temporarily seized all of the above goods for verification, verification and handling in accordance with the law.

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