VRG donates VND 200 billion to the Covid-19 vaccine fund

Recently, the Vietnam Rubber Industry Group (VRG) has just donated 200 billion VND to the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund, joining hands to contribute to the fight against the disease.

On the evening of June 5, at the launching ceremony of the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund, Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG) contributed from the general operating budget and donated VND 200 billion to the Vaccine Fund for Covid-19 Prevention and Control. -19.
In addition, VRG has also donated VND 200 million to Quang Nam province and continues to support many other localities to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic.
The above donations are reasonable expenses, included in production costs and taxable according to the regulations of the Government, the Ministry of Finance and the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises.
For officials, workers, public employees and employees, depending on their generosity, contribute according to their ability and according to the instructions of the member units. In addition, VRG requires member units when mobilizing contributions from workers for the locality to report to the Group for specific instructions.


The fund of solidarity, hearts connecting

In the face of a resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic and complicated developments in many localities, the Politburo, the Secretariat and the Government have had a policy to buy epidemic vaccines to inject the people across the country.
Accordingly, on May 26, the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 779/QD-TTg, establishing the Covid-19 vaccine fund to receive, manage and use funding and support sources from organizations. domestic and foreign organizations and individuals and other lawful capital sources to finance the purchase and import of vaccines, research and domestic production of vaccines, and the use of Covid-19 vaccines.
In response to the call of President Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front launched a rush of donations to support the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic; The Committee for Management of State Capital at Enterprises organized a program to launch contributions to the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund. VRG has actively responded to the policy and calls for support to contribute more resources to the fight against the epidemic, to soon get the country out of the pandemic’s influence.

At the launching ceremony of the Covid-19 vaccine fund, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh affirmed that the contribution and support of people, individuals, organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs will form a “fund of human resources”. solidarity, hearts connected”, making an important contribution to the victory of Vietnam, so that the people can live in a safe and prosperous big house.

Keep up the good double duty

Faced with the complicated situation of the 4th epidemic outbreak in the country starting from April 27 to now, VRG has held many online meetings with member units throughout the industry to grasp the situation of the epidemic. disease and directing a timely and drastic response plan.
Especially on May 21, VRG had an online meeting with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Cambodia Vu Quang Minh on the exchange of contents related to the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic. -19 for rubber companies of the Group in Cambodia and has received the attention and support in all aspects of the Ambassador.
In addition to the continuous, timely and prompt direction, VRG also implemented measures to support units in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic such as sending an official request to the People’s Committees of Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh and Gia Lai provinces. Support for entry and isolation and treatment in case of Covid-19 infection for Vietnamese workers working at the Group’s rubber development projects in Cambodia

“In the coming time, the Group will continue to promote the epidemic prevention and control activities in the past time and set a goal and strive to have 100% of employees of the Group be tested and vaccinated against Covid-19 in 2021 national vaccine source. In order to do that, the whole system from the Group to the units must step in, have a strategy and a drastic approach. The Board of Directors must have a scenario for each quarter and month, industrial parks must have their own steering committee, have specific rules and report daily in the complicated situation of the epidemic. In particular, it is necessary to promote the dissemination of fast, correct and sufficient information on both sides of Covid-19 prevention and control”, VRG Chairman Tran Ngoc Thuan requested.
Currently, VRG and its units are still trying their best, striving to continue to perform well the dual task: while performing the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, while performing the tasks of production, business, and care. material and spiritual life for over 84,000 workers.