92 unclaimed Chinese cargo trucks captured by Customs

medical glove smuggling press conference

On January 8, Mr. Nguyen Van An, Deputy Director of the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department (General Department of Customs) said: Up to now, it can be truy that 92 Chinese goods vehicles without recipients have 4 groups of violations, including goods banned from import, goods infringing intellectual property.

press conference on anti-smuggling medical gloves
Mr. Nguyen Van An, Deputy Director of Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department, General Department of Customs (sitting at the far right).

“This number of 92 Chinese trucks, if converted, is about 200 containers. The progress of handling the case is at the step of determining the value of goods and items. Functional forces are verifying and clarifying the subject and violation acts. If the subject is qualified to prosecute, he will move to prosecute; If eligible for administrative sanctions, an administrative penalty will be proposed. And violations of intellectual property must be destroyed. For the liquidation of this car lot, because the case has not ended, it is not possible to say the auction time. If possible, the auction conditions will be held publicly “, said Mr. Nguyen Van An.

Previously, in July 2020, the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department, the General Department of Customs cooperated with the competent forces to inspect nearly 100 unclaimed heavy trucks, and the customs declaration had not yet been opened. Even though the deadline has expired, they must go through the procedures at Kim Thanh international border gate, Lao Cai. Due to signs of suspicion of counterfeit goods, goods infringing intellectual property, customs authorities have presided over the search and handling.

According to the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department, a number of businesses have submitted an application stating the reason is sending the wrong goods, so they request to return the goods to China. However, to avoid bad precedent, it is necessary to inspect all these trucks according to international practice and handle according to Vietnamese law.

* Information about the line of suspected slipping of old medical gloves into Vietnam in the case of 42 tons of goods suspected of being used medical examination gloves, waiting for the inspection result that is believed to have originated in China. The officer discovered at Cat Lai border gate, Ho Chi Minh City: Mr. Nguyen Van An said that: These backpacks are old goods, used, but imported to Vietnam.

“Enter about to use on what needs to be verified and clarified. Currently during the COVID-19 epidemic, the smuggling of the above items into Vietnam is very serious, causing the risk of infecting the epidemic into the country, “said Mr. Nguyen Van An.

Previously, Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department said, holding nearly 42 tons of suspected medical gloves were used by Super Antibacterial Mask Company and Co., Ltd., manufacturing and importing and exporting medical equipment. Saigon Trading Group imported to Vietnam not as declared. The gloves are uneven, crumpled, contaminated, and suspected of being used. Gloves of these two enterprises are imported from China and Malaysia with the total amount of 41,789 kg.

Source: https://baotintuc.vn/phap-luat/hai-quan-noi-gi-ve-vu-92-xe-tai-cho-hang-trung-quoc-khong-co-nguoi-nhan-20210108175929126.htm