FRAUD WARNING – Be aware of attempted frauds using misleading information

scam alert


The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) worldwide. VGlove‘s examination and surgical gloves are used all over the world by healthcare suppliers, industrial operators and everyday end-users looking for protective equipment for themselves and others from the rise of COVID-19.

This enormous demand, therefore, has also led to a spread in elaborate fraud schemes seeking to criminally make money of our clients and customers. These misleading practices promise counterfeit versions of VGlove gloves with fraudulent product registrations, certificates, and/or test reports that do not meet VGlove’s quality standards. The most common tactics of those scams are using social engineering techniques, including “spoofing,” by fraudulently using VRG Khai Hoan employee names, logos, brands and/or look-alike VRG Khai Hoan emails.

We caution our customers to look out for fraud schemes, especially concerning the VGlove nitrile examination gloves, VGlove powder-free latex examination gloves, VGlove powdered latex examination gloves and VGlove Sterile surgical latex gloves . VRG Khai Hoan is aware of fraud schemes using these leading brands and is working to protect our clients and end-users.


  • Requests for the urgent transfer of funds, especially payment in advance before any real product inspection
  • Start with legitimate procedure then make last-minute changes to payment instructions
  • Promises of readily available stock for immediate shipment and delivery with enormous unreal quantity.
  • Inability to explain the origin of products supposedly being sold.
  • Sellers without any documents and original footage of product or product sample.
  • Suspiciously low pricing when compared to similar product listings, often come along with urges to make advance payment
  • Offers of huge product quantities available without any reasonable evidence of large enough cargo space.


Important steps for buyers need to take to ensure the offer and products they intend to purchase are legitimate:

  • Request product samples
  • Request a Standard Operating Procedure and evaluate with legal consulting service
  • Avoid making payments prior to delivery

Avoid fraudulent VGlove websites and contacts with signs below:

  • Sites with counterfeit information, cloned user interface and/or lookalike domain, that lead to fake contact numbers or emails for fraudulent purposes.


Cloned website user interface, with fake email, phone number and domain
Counterfeit domain, email and phone number




Counterfeit domain, phone number



  • Links in emails that redirect you to another lookalike domains and/or lookalike email address



  • Cheap offers that are actively sent do not derive from previous requests from customers.


  • Lookalike VRG Khai Hoan employee email address offer OTG products outside of Vietnam.




  • Fake contracts lead to deposit funds to an individual’s bank account.



If encountered with fraudulent or suspicious offers to purchase VGlove products, attempts to impersonate VRG Khai Hoan’s employee, or other unauthorized activity related to VGlove’s brands, please immediately stop all/any transactions with that person.

To help stop the widespread presence of fraud that trying to persuade customers to make transaction to their bank account, it is important to gather as much detail as possible regarding the identity and contact information of the scammer(s), specifics around the offer being made, bank account information and any documents or other supporting evidence. Report the fraud to law enforcement or other government institutions.


  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)



  • Consumer Protection Cooperation Network (CPC)

47 thoughts on “FRAUD WARNING – Be aware of attempted frauds using misleading information

  1. Yuji Kumagawa says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I asked for a sample order by the fake email you pointed out, but since the transfer destination name was an individual name, when I inquired if there was an account name of VRG KHAI HOAN, They sent the name of the courier company.
    I can also send you an email with those proofs. Please let us know if necessary.
    We want to do business seriously. I’m at a loss as to where to order. Can you tell me as soon as possible?
    The quantity of this order is enormous because it is all for Japanese listed companies and the Japanese Ministry of Defense.
    We are putting together multiple orders.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Best Regards.

    • VRG Khai Hoan says:

      Dear Mr. Yuji Kumagawa.
      Currently, we do not provide direct sample delivery to our customers. You can contact our distributors or buy products from our local genuine point of sale. We supply products with uniform quality standards around the globe, so you can be assured of the similarities between the genuine product you buy locally and the product in our factory.

  2. Takeshi Kaneshiro says:

    Thanks for information, I was about to be scammed by some who claimed to be foreign distributor of Vglove.

  3. James Madison says:

    Very useful article !!! I was so close to be scammed by someone with fake email address that tried to look similar to the real one. He offered me surprisingly cheap price so I feel suspicious and go for a quick research. Luckily I found this one.

  4. Lucy Tran says:

    Dear VGR Khai Hoan,
    Can you quote MOQ for purschasing from factory and price so we can get POF ready, we ask the bank in Vietnam of POF, they only offer Bank Statement , is this ok for you. Thanks

    • VRG Khai Hoan says:

      Dear Mr. Tran
      At the moment we are having our production lines fully ordered and therefore we don’t have plan to receive more purchase order right now. Please leave your contact here, and we will put you in the waiting list so our sales department can take care of your request when we are able to.
      Best regards

  5. Marta says:

    We are interested in buying nitrile gloves in quantities of 2 containers per week

    We got an offer from Akarma Beeher. Their intermediary is Jersild Roberts from India. Is this a serious supplier or a scammer?

    • VRG Khai Hoan says:

      Hello Mr/Ms. Marta
      At the moment we don’t have foreign authorized supplier, however that seller still may be able to sell genuine VGlove products as long as they can provide the Certificate of Origin from VRG Khai Hoan JSC.
      Best regards.

  6. Luigi says:

    This is a good question, of course. I am in the same position. About to purchase V Glove in Italy and need to know if they are genuine. Thanks

  7. Yazour Scientific says:


    This Yazour Scientific, a dealer based in Jordan. About 10 days ago, I have sent USD500.00 as a price for sample gloves to the following bank,

    Beneficiary name: VGloves
    Account number : 1440378762
    address: 35 SUKHUMVIT ROAD BANGKOK 10110, Thailand
    Emelia Amea Nji Tongwa

    Is this your bank details? My contact at VGloves was Mr. Akara, and his WhatsApp # +66 63 846 8482

    Please help.

    Eng. Khalil Qatanani,
    Yazour Scientific,

    • VRG Khai Hoan says:

      Dear Mr/Ms.
      Sorry to hear, but unfortunately we are Vietnamese brand and we don’t have any official bank account located in Thailand.
      Best regards.

  8. Jeff G says:

    What is your email address ? I want to show you an allocation letter and a reservation number and contract number that we received from a supplier. We need to know if it is legitimate

  9. Manuel Niederstaetter says:

    Good Morning,
    we are the italian branch of a german international company.
    We had in recent days a contact from the following companies and they say that they can offer and delivery to us yours V-Gloves.
    The names of these companies are G.B.S SRLS and SAIFA SRLS.
    Do you have business relations with these companies?
    These companies send us also documentation about yours gloves that i can send you if you want.
    I wait for a reply.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards.

  10. ARSENIO AMARES says:


    We are interested to buy 5 * Full container Load of your glove. Could be on FOB, EXW or CIF.

    We will export to Miami, USA

    Currently Im in Ho Chi Minh City, and i would like to have a meeting with your representative to talk about the posibilities.

    Please let me know if you have any quanities available or perhaps any of your clients would like to sell some.

    you can contact me via email, zalo or direct phone call at:


    Best regards,

    Arsenio Amares

  11. Molly cheruto says:

    My name is Molly from Kenya.. Iam a victim of fraud. I will give you details plus the contacts of the fraudster using Vgloves to commit crime from international customers. I will also send all invoices for you to see.

  12. Farouk says:

    Hello 👋
    I am Mr Farouk from Algeria
    I am interested to your products Latex gloves and Nitrile gloves
    Please to send your quotation and more information details about your products quality, availablity, delivery time, payment terms

  13. Jens Löhr says:

    Does your factory have Satra Certification ” EU Type-Examination Certificate” ?
    Stay save.

  14. Farouk says:

    Hello 👋
    I am Mr Farouk from Algeria
    I am interested to your products Latex gloves and Nitrile gloves
    Please to send your quotation and more information details about your products quality, availablity, delivery time, payment terms

    • VRG Khai Hoan says:

      Dear Mr. Marinov.
      Our full production capacity for this year has been ordered out, so we are not accepting new orders soon. Therefore, any offers claimed to be from our factory, with transferable SBLC payment terms at this moment are unreliable.
      Thanks, and best regards.

  15. sheikh kamaluddin says:

    Dear VRG Khal Hoan team,
    I am in touch with a company named WHITE GLOVE LIMITED in UK and they have offered me $5/boxes CIF Dubai price for 200 ctn only , can you please confirm whether this is genuine price or phishing effort.

  16. sheikh kamaluddin says:

    Dear Team,
    I was offered $5 per box by WHITE GLOVE LIMITED UK for a very small order of 200 cartons of nitrile gloves only CIF Dubai. Can you please confirm me whether it is genuine price or phishing effort?

    • VRG Khai Hoan says:

      Dear Mr. Sheikh
      Although we can’t control how people decide their pricing, 5$ CIF Dubai looks suspicious because it is way too low compared to the market price. Please ensure your financial safety by using inspection services and no payment in advance.
      Best regards.

  17. Lim Kian Hin says:

    Dear Sir , am asking if you had given the letter of authorization to AMMMEX PROFFESSIONALS.
    THIS INDIVIDUAL can send this letter issued by KHAI HOAN JOINT STOCK COMPANY to perform all duties and responsibilities as a authorized representative. duly stamped and signed. Please advise where I can send this letter to be verified.

  18. Ted Park says:

    Dear VRG,
    Do you have VGR(Factory) Thailand, of the Vglove product line?
    I thought V glove is in Vietnam only.
    Thank you,

    • VRG Khai Hoan says:

      Dear Mr/Ms. Ted Park.
      At the moment, VRG Khai Hoan JSC only has factories and distributors in Vietnam. All the claims about foreign factory/product line should be unreliable and very likely for fraudulent purposes.

      Best regards.

  19. Syed says:


    I am looking for Nitrile gloves with good quantity and I would like to know the prices, could you please send us the quotation.

    Thanks & Regards,

  20. Young Ho (Dr.) says:

    We , Chems Korea Inc. are a leading importer and distributor of PPA articles.
    Currently, we have been talking with a company, named -PHUONG NAM CO.,LTD.
    saying they are “authorized Distributor of VRG KHAI Hoan.
    Please clarify for us.

  21. Carl says:

    Hi all,
    in Europe there are people saying that company named Yoong Trading (Incheon Korea), is an Official Distributor of VRG KHAI Hoan. We checked in the VRG KHAI Hoan distributors list and the Company is not present.
    Can you confirm if this company has relantionship with you ?
    Do you have distributors in Europe ?
    thank you very much
    Carl Edberg

  22. Hulk Ishii says:

    This is Dear Laura from Japan. We’re working together with Mr. Takeshi Akita of JOC. I and Mr. Takeshi Akita visited your headquarter in Binh Duong Province in December 24, 2020. I met MR. lAM THONG and somebody else there. We bought your V.Glove to supply to Osaka Prefecture. The problem is we couldn’t deliver 10,000,000pcs but 2,100,000pcs only to be in time for End of March 2021, which was their dead line. We got your officilal letter to explain the delay shipment. However, we got cancellation for the rest of the quantiy in spite of your assistance. Now we’re asking JOC to refund the amount for the rest of the quantity, 7,900,000pcs. Without the refund from JOC, we’re going to sue JOC. Mr. Takeshi says he should get back the amount from you. I want to communicate with the right person in your company to discuss about this issue in order to save him out of hot water. Your prompt reaction will be highly appreciated.

  23. Maria Diaz says:

    We are a company from Colombia. Yesterday we signed up the contract with your company. We would like to verify if all documents Akara your sales manager sent us are legal. He sent us PI, bank account, all certificates of quality, art box (templates), business certificates. Please reply ASAP because we will make the payment soon.

  24. Mustafa Hakan Yilmaz says:

    Dear All

    I am a mandate for a large company and we are in talks in the last month with one of your authorised allocation Holder from India. My company sent a an email to sales team at Vglove and we had received reply back stating that you, VGlove do not know these people. We may be wrong but please let me know this person is below is your allocation holder or not because we are talking about very large order.

    Mr. Saravana Balaji
    M/s Alpenglow Home Appliances
    424/1 Kunnathur to thingalur Ben cat distict Bin Duong Province Road, Medicals Perundarai 638052
    Erode District Tamil Nadu INDIA

    Thanking you in advance

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