Hoa Binh seized nearly 4 tons of used gloves

fake dyed gloves

On January 14, Hoa Binh City Police coordinated with the functional forces to inspect and seal the used glove recycling factory, seized nearly 4 tons of gloves.
Previously, on January 12, Hoa Binh City Public Security Working Group, while on duty in Quyet Tien hamlet, Quang Tien commune (Hoa Binh city), discovered a used glove processing factory. Used with a system of machines such as washing machines, extractors, dryers and many different liquids with labels of origin from the provinces of China.

During the inspection process, functional forces discovered the workshop owned by Duong Thi Tuyet (born in 1988) at group 4, My Do ward, Bac Giang city; 11 workers in the workshop are sorting, cleaning, and packaging used gloves.

The functional forces requested the workshop owner to present documents proving the origin of the goods, raw materials, handling goods … However, Duong Thi Tuyet could not provide any documents.

The working group made a record, sealed all exhibits and machinery for the investigation, seized nearly 4 tons of gloves (of which 3 tons have not been recycled, about 1 ton are being recycled and in cartons and packages); about 16 thousand boxes, cardboard boxes with labels for gloves such as CHOICE GLOVE, VING, NITRILE, GLOVES CLEAN …

At the police station, Duong Thi Tuyet confessed, the workshop operated from mid-December 2020 to now, specializing in washing and renting used gloves for customers who request, and do not know the origin of the gloves. Where is the upper hand.

In fact, the number of gloves (medical gloves) that the functional force detected and seized at the workshop has many types, many colors, many packaging still  have labels.

After detecting the case, the Hoa Binh City Police promptly reported to the competent authority to assign functional departments of Hoa Binh City Medical Center to perform disinfection and preventive measures. Translate.

The case is continuing to be investigated, clarified and handled in accordance with law./.