How to choose the most suitable type of gloves for your works

multiple types of gloves

The Covid-19 situation is still going complicated around the world, making the use of medical gloves extremely urgent and necessary.
Many common occupations have also gradually changed daily habits and started to use gloves at work.

Supermarkets – shopping malls such as AeonMall and BigC have started asking employees to use gloves at checkout counters for customers. At the same time, regularly disinfect the shelves before making the next payment for the next customer.

Restaurants, bars, and milk tea shops have also begun to form a sense of wearing gloves when preparing food and drinks for customers instead of using bare hands as before.
However, the increase in the frequency of using medical gloves has caused many individuals and businesses to lack knowledge in distinguishing and choosing the right gloves for their businesses.

Latex medical gloves are made from a natural rubber material with high elasticity, fit in the hand shape, soft texture is very comfortable to wear, the material is taken from nature, not later degraded When disposed of it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The product will be a reasonable and suitable choice for specific industries such as medicine, biological industry, chemistry, oil, and gas …

Nitrile medical gloves are synthetic rubber, have excellent chemical resistance, puncture resistance, aging resistance, and achieve a good protective effect. 100% nitrile material, makes gloves softer, feels great touch, and works more dexterously. Excellent chemical resistance, anti-puncture, anti-slip when handling objects. The glove’s rich color design helps medical staff reduce visual fatigue and improve color compatibility during long working periods. This medical glove is proven to be highly safe and will be suitable for industries that require absolute sterility such as surgery, tattooists, or having direct food contact such as chefs, bartenders.
Vinyl Medical Gloves is a plastic made of ethylene (found in crude oil) and chlorine (found in salt) with good oil resistance, water repellency, and anti-bacterial properties. The ergonomic design makes gloves easy to put on and to remove for a genuine feel, reduces skin tension, and reduces finger fatigue. Using high-density good PVC material does not cause leaks, cuts, or slips when scrubbing. Vinyl medical gloves are commonly used in industries such as electronics, printing, food industry, sanitary inspection, industrial/agricultural dyeing industry.
In addition to the above three categories, Medical Gloves are also classified into Powdered and Powder Free categories.
Powdered medical gloves are supplemented with cornstarch inside, making it easier for users to wear and remove gloves, not uncomfortable by the stickiness and moisture in the palm when wearing gloves and work for a long time.
Powder-Free medical gloves are manufactured by a technological process that has full surface chlorine or Polymer coating to prevent adhesion when wearing gloves. Gloves do not contain powder inside, so it does not cause itching, redness to the skin of the hands, minimizing the drop of unhygienic powder.