Thai Binh Duong Company was “prosecuted to appropriate billions of VND”?

(BVPL) – Breaching the contract without compensation under the signed agreement, Pacific Trading Services and Interior Decoration One Member Limited Company (Pacific Company) is also accused of “appropriating the amount of money that the customer goods deposited “up to billions of dong ?

thai binh duong company
Thai Binh Duong Company was accused of doing a crafty, deliberately “appropriating the deposit amount after violating the signed contract”. (Photo: NP)
The police of Cu Chi Ho Chi Minh City has just received the denunciation of Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy (living in Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City; who is authorized by Hieu Hien Tay Ninh Co., Ltd.) to denounce the Thai Binh Duong company “doing business. deceit, violate the contract without compensation as agreed and have signs of appropriating the deposit amount “up to billions of dong ?.
Accordingly, on July 8, 2020, Hieu Hien Tay Ninh Co., Ltd. signed a “Medical glove sale and purchase contract” with Thai Binh Duong Company (Mr. Tran Ngoc Quan as director; address at Xuan Street. Thoi Thuong 21, Xuan Thoi Thuong commune, Hoc Mon district, HCMC) to buy 20,000 boxes of Nitrile Vglove artificial medical gloves with a total value of 33 billion VND.
transaction proof
According to the signed contract, Pacific Company agreed to sell medical gloves according to the specifications and standards of VRG Khai Hoan JSC which are Nitrile VGlove synthetic rubber medical gloves which have been approved by the Ministry of Health, fully certified and standard.
According to the agreement, Hieu Hien Tay Ninh Company makes a deposit of 2 billion VND for Thai Binh Duong company immediately after signing the contract. The product delivery deadline is before 17:00 on July 9, 2020. In case Hieu Hien Tay Ninh Company does not receive the goods or does not pay the balance in full, the deposit will be lost, otherwise, if Thai Binh Duong does not deliver the goods, it must refund the deposit and compensate 100% of the value.
The two sides agree on a location for the delivery of the shipment at Khai Hoan factory warehouse (Cau Sat hamlet, Lai Hung commune, Bau Bang district, Binh Duong province). Hieu Hien Tay Ninh Company then transferred the 2 billion VND deposit amount to Thai Binh Duong Company.
At the appointment to deliver the shipment, Hieu Hien Tay Ninh Company sent the car to the place to receive the goods, but Thai Binh Duong did not deliver the shipment as signed.
After that, Hieu Hien Tay Ninh Company came to the headquarters of Thai Binh Duong Company to request to return the deposit and pay compensation as agreed in the contract. However, Pacific company did not agree and tried to withdraw.
It was not until July 18, after many times that the company requested to return the above deposit, did Thai Binh Duong transfer 1 billion VND to Hieu Hien Tay Ninh Company, the remaining amount would not be paid. 
Realizing that the Thai Binh Duong company showed signs of deliberately “appropriating” the deposit amount, there were signs of fraudulence to appropriate property, so Hieu Hien Tay Ninh Company made a complaint to the police.
To clarify the above contents, a reporter of the Law Protection Newspaper contacted Thai Binh Duong Company. At the meeting, the representative of this company admitted that he had violated the contract signed with the company Hieu Hien Tay Ninh, but only agreed to settle it according to civil lawsuit procedures.
With the question, what is the basis for Thai Binh Duong company to sign a contract to sell medical gloves above with Hieu Hien Tay Ninh Company? Does Thai Binh Duong Company sign a cooperation agreement with the Khai Hoan medical glove factory? Representatives of this company were unable to provide them, but only offered an economic cooperation contract with another partner.
It is known that the police of Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City has invited the two sides to work under the denunciation.