VRG focuses on developing party among workers

Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG) recently organized a meeting to summarize its Party work in 2020.

Mr. Ha Van Khuong, Standing Deputy Secretary of VRG’s Party Committee, said that the VRG’s Party Committee manages 31 party organizations with 1,054 party members.

In 2020, the party organizations under the VRG’s Party Committee admitted 68 party members, reaching 113.3% of the target, including many employees; Party grassroots organizations completing tasks well and above account for 90.3%, of which 19.4% have been successfully completed tasks.

The VRG’s Party Committee led the group to exceed the plan of some key targets in production and business activities in the year, such as: exploiting nearly 370,000 tons of rubber, reaching 102.7% of the target; estimated consumption of 440,000 tons of rubber, reaching 101.62% of the target; total revenue of 25,477 billion VND, equal to 103.37% of the target; total profit before tax is nearly 5,000 billion VND, and contributing 3,700 billion VND to the State budget, equal to 116% of the plan.

Mr. Tran Cong Kha, Secretary of the Party Committee of the VRG, said that in 2021, the VRG’s Party Committee and its party organizations strengthen party construction and further promote the leadership role of the Party in implementing tasks of production and business.   

Accordingly, over 65% of Party grassroots organizations will fulfill their tasks well and above; over 70% of Party members completing their tasks well and above; admitting over 50 new party members, especially developing the Party among direct workers and employees.

In terms of business targets, the whole group will have revenue and other income of about 28,000 billion VND, and profit of 5,700 billion VND, with a large portion of which is achieved by VRG Khai Hoan‘s contribution through the export activities of latex and nitrile medical gloves of VGlove brand.

On this occasion, the VRG’s Party Committee awarded certificates of merit to outstanding Party grassroots organizations and individuals./.