Using counterfeit labeled recycling masks, and medical gloves: Will be strictly dealt with by law

counterfeit gloves captured

Although there is no longer the status of “price tag” on masks as before, there are still a number of subjects who “hide” the business to produce and trade in fake masks, even recycle medical gloves. used to sell to the market.

According to the authorities, due to the complicated evolution of the epidemic in many countries around the world, the demand for medical products is very high. In particular, medical glove products are often in short supply, some medical glove factories have overloaded orders, not enough products to sell. Taking advantage of this situation, some objects have “enchanted” the used gloves, recycled into new products to launch the market for profit. Recently, the market management force (QLTT) has continuously destroyed a series of recycling “dirty” gloves and fake masks, which do not guarantee quality.

Typically, on August 24, the Department of Information Management of Binh Duong Province cooperated with functional forces to detect a place to classify and preliminarily process medical gloves in a deserted residential area in Lai Hung commune, Bau Bang district, province. Binh Duong. This condenser contains over 47 tons of raw materials, finished medical gloves and many other goods. In which, there are more than 36 tons of waste medical gloves used, some are classified, are packing 5kg / carton and some are not classified with signs of being used; 156,000 recycled medical gloves, packed into 156 complete cartons, without labels, prepared for sale; about 11 tons of used medical gloves and protective clothing are medical waste containing infectious agents; 127 bags without labels, of unknown origin and many other exhibits are materials for the recycling of medical gloves.


Previously, the force management force of Binh Duong province also discovered more than 2.1 million medical finished gloves are recycled from used gloves. This batch of gloves is contained in packages that have been completely packaged and labeled with foreign words, ready to be sold.

counterfeit gloves captured

Not only “enchanting” the used gloves into new ones, a number of subjects also organize the production and sale of fake medical gloves with famous brands, in large quantity for export abroad. It is worth mentioning that these gloves are all used. Recently, City Police. Ho Chi Minh City has dismantled a large-scale production of fake medical gloves. In this warehouse, there are 50 tons of poor quality gloves of unknown origin; 3.7 tons of classified gloves; 400 boxes of VGlove nitrile branded finished medical gloves (equivalent to 320,000 pairs of gloves) …


Taking advantage of the epidemic, some money-hungry people have sold their conscience cheaply, recycled used medical gloves to make a profit, even fake a mask of a famous brand to deceive consumers. Recently, more than 150,000 fake masks of 3M brand were discovered by the QLTT force at the export production facility of Nam Anh Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd. (Tran Dai Nghia street, Binh Chanh district, City . Ho Chi Minh).


It can be said that the act of trading fake, poor quality, used gloves and masks will easily spread diseases, affect consumers’ health and prevent and fight epidemics. Facing the above situation, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has requested to strengthen inspection, investigation, and strictly handling violations of the production and transportation of masks and gloves that do not guarantee quality. source. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Public Security were assigned to direct functional units and forces to intensify the inspection, investigation and strictly handle violations; Report to the Prime Minister on the results in September 2020.