VRG increased natural rubber production to the market by nearly 323,600 tons

Vietnam Rubber Industry Group (VRG) said that in 2021, the group increased the output of natural rubber supplied to the market to nearly 323,600 tons, accounting for about 86% of the total self-exploited output.


By 2022, this rate will increase to 92% / total self-exploiting output.



To achieve the above results, the group has come up with solutions towards 3 main goals: high quality, stable, uniform products, controlling quality indicators according to customers’ requirements, at reasonable costs; developing VRG rubber products with distinctive brands and outstanding quality, contributing to building VRG rubber brand into a strong brand; building a comprehensive quality management system.

With the motto of providing quality products and outstanding services, from 2018, VRG has built a set of standards and introduced the VRG brand rubber products to the market.


As a result, VRG has opened the doors of consumption, enhancing the brand of the Vietnamese rubber industry in the international market. VRG branded rubber products grew strongly.

From production and consumption of rubber branded VRG reached 20,790 tons, equivalent to 7% of exploitation output in 2018, in 2020 the group has increased to 255,407 tons, equivalent to 68% of exploitation output.

VRG-branded rubber products have been supplied to the market with a wide range of customers, from big traders to direct manufacturers such as Sailun, Kumho, Sumitomo, Cheng Shin, Casumina … /.